We cooperate with Mollie

Atelier d ‘ Ellis supports the following payment methods;


This payment method is possible for anyone with a Dutch debit card. This payment method allows you to handle the payment directly during the ordering process with your own bank. You’ll be counting off in your trusted Internet payment environment, based on specific security methods from your own bank.


If you find it more pleasant to write the amount via your own bank, this is also possible. After we have received the payment, the order will be processed further.


is a secure payment method that we support. Log in with your PayPal account to fulfill the payment during the ordering process. When we have received the order, we will immediately send the product to you.


It is possible to settle your credit card with us. We will send your order immediately after the payment.

Bancontact/Mister Cash

We support Mister Cash for our Belgian customers. All Belgian customers who use internet banking can make use of Mister Cash. You can pay for purchases directly in a trusted banking environment.


We support SOFORT BANKING for our Belgian and German customers.


For our German customers we support Giropay

Upon receipt of the order

With a digital invoice and accept Giro pay your online order afterwards via Mollie. First received, view and then pay only. Payment deadline 14 days.