Calming Signs was started by Nelis Verhoeven in 1993. At the time, our company was a combination of pet store and equestrian shop, and not yet specialised in dog behaviour and their owners.

nelis-VerhoevenAt the end of 1993 we bought as an extension of our service, our first embroidery machine, a Barudan/Meistergram single-needle zig-zag machine. This machine was fast and extremely suitable for embroidering names and monograms, but not for complicated company, and association logos, let alone for personalised images of horses, dogs and other images.

As the question was there, we decided to buy a second machine in 1994, a Toyota Expert 9-needle machine. From that time onwards, developments were rapid. No longer existed, and because we focused entirely on quality, even in the choice of our articles, we quickly became aware of companies, associations, clubs and individuals.


In 2002 we decided to specialize fully in the behaviour and life of dogs, and started a long training course. This resulted in the stopping of the equestrian, embroidery service and pet store, and the creation of Kynologisch consultancy Verhoeven.

In 2006, the name was changed to Calming Signs, and our first webshop was also put online. The starting point was that not only our services would be well-being and health-promoting, but also the products we sell.

In 2014, again at the request of many of our customers we revived the embroidery service. Because of the good experiences the choice was made for an Expert 15 needle machine. Familiar, but we also see that the technique has not stood still in the last 20 years. Because of these developments, the quality of the embroidery has become even better than we could offer at the time. Our range of clothing, textiles, baby items, cuddly toys, dog lines, dog harness and more is also based on quality and good embroidery properties.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to improving the wellbeing and health of humans and animals. New scientific insights show us that dogs have developed cognition and feelings, similar to humans.

MissionThis adds a new dimension to our society. Instead of commands, oppression, adding pain, punishment, or removing reward, we can build the social relationship by talking to our dog.

In humans, repression (both mentally and physically) leads to anxiety and uncertainty and promotes undesirable behavior. How do you think our dog reacts to this?

We also started as traditional trainers, using exercises such as sit, finish and stay. We have unleashed this vision, and do our work as supervisors and educators. We accompany you at any location 7 days a week. We have a beautiful location of almost 30,000 m2, but also accompany home, in the park, forest or shopping centre.


Well-being and health does not only mean good guidance. We have put together a range of food, herbs, harts and services in our webshop that fit in with our philosophy in which wellbeing and health of your buddy is central.

All brands of feed and snacks that we carry should be free from artificial preservatives, dyes and antioyants. The dried snacks we sell are not treated with insect repelling agents, and lines, collars and hares are specially manufactured by us and adjusted where necessary.


In 2018, Ellen and Nelis split the atelier from Calming Signs and registered the brand name d ‘ Ellis. d ‘ Ellis can be found on all the products we make in our workshop. We continue to develop new products and improve existing products.